Precautions for Accepting OEM Orders


Food safety and compliance: Food packaging boxes meet the requirements of relevant regulations. Use food-grade materials and follow relevant health and safety standards.


Printing and design: Customers can provide design drafts or put forward ideas, and we have a professional team for docking. Make sure that the typography and design are relevant to the food and able to communicate the product's message and brand values.


Material selection: According to the needs of customers, select materials suitable for food packaging, such as cardboard, paper, plastic, etc. Make sure the material meets the specific requirements for food packaging.


Size and shape: According to the customer's product size and shape, customize the appropriate packaging box size. Make sure the packaging holds the food safely and keeps it fresh.


Printing Technique: Choose the appropriate printing technique to ensure clarity and permanence of images and text.


Delivery time: Negotiate a reasonable delivery time with customers. When formulating the schedule, consider all aspects of design, production, quality inspection and delivery.


Quality control: Quality control is carried out throughout the production process to ensure that the quality of the packaging boxes meets customer expectations. Including appearance, printing quality, material quality, etc.


Customer communication: maintain close communication with customers, understand needs and respond to any questions or changes in a timely manner.


Packaging and Shipping: Make sure the box can withstand crushing, shock, and temperature changes during shipping. Proper packaging protects the integrity of the product.


Sustainability Considerations: More and more consumers are concerned about sustainability, so using eco-friendly materials and packaging methods is a solid option.