Application of blister packaging boxes in dessert industry


Blister Packaging Boxes are made by heating a plastic sheet or sheet to soften it and bring it to a plastic state. Then, the softened plastic sheet is placed on the mold, and the plastic sheet is pressed against the surface of the mold by vacuuming or applying pressure, and the predetermined shape is formed. Once the plastic has cooled and solidified, you have a blister box suitable for product packaging.

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The following are some common Blister packaging box applications:

Cakes: Blister Packaging Boxes are very suitable for packaging cakes of various sizes. For smaller cakes or sliced cakes, individual blister boxes are available to individually wrap each cake. This transparent packaging allows consumers to clearly see the appearance and decoration of each cake. For large cakes, you can choose a larger Blister Packaging Box to package the cake as a whole to ensure that the cake is not damaged during transportation and display.

Desserts: various small desserts such as cupcakes, puddings, mousse, etc. can be individually packaged in blister cups. The blister cup is transparent, which can visually display the layers and colors of the dessert, giving people an attractive visual effect. In addition, the blister cup can also be sealed and kept fresh to ensure the freshness and taste of the dessert.

Chocolate and candy: Chocolate and candy are often sold in gift boxes, and Blister Packaging Boxes are ideal for making gift boxes. The transparent blister box can clearly display the chocolate types and decorations inside, making the gift more attractive. At the same time, the blister box can also protect the chocolate from collision and deformation.

Biscuits and snacks: Blister Packaging Boxes are also suitable for packaging various small biscuits and pastries. For brittle biscuits, the sealing of the blister box can ensure that the biscuits maintain a crisp taste. For soft pastries, the blister box can prevent the pastries from being squeezed and deformed.

Ice cream: In dessert shops, ice cream cups are often packaged in Blister Packaging Boxes. The transparent blister box can display the color and decoration of the ice cream and attract consumers' attention. In addition, the blister box also helps to maintain the temperature of the ice cream and extend its shelf life.

Dessert Gift Boxes: Dessert gift boxes are a popular gifting choice for special occasions or holidays. Blister packaging boxes can be used to make exquisite dessert gift boxes, combining a variety of desserts to increase the richness and attractiveness of the gift.

In general, blister packaging boxes are widely used in the dessert industry, and while satisfying product display and protection, they can also improve the attractiveness and added value of desserts. Transparent, airtight and durable are one of the reasons why blister packaging boxes are popular in the dessert industry. With the continuous development and innovation of the dessert industry, the application of blister packaging boxes will continue to expand and enrich.