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China White Cardboard Pizza Box Manufacturers, Suppliers and Factory

Hontai Package is a professional manufacture with many years experience in production. We are White Cardboard Pizza Box suppliers, Focus on the ordering and sales of degradable,environmental friendly tableware.The service is professional and the product quality is high. The product can be customized according to customers’ personalized needs.

Hontai Package White Cardboard Pizza Box developed more than 100 markets all around the world in the last 12 years. Major popular market is The USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa etc. Our nice products and amazing service are spoken highly of by our customers. That is why Forests Packaging Group is stronger and stronger, being a famous paper packing brand in the world. Forests Packaging Group, the name that you can trust.

We have fast quotation within 24 hours, We have  discount White Cardboard Pizza Box, Reasonable prices based on customers’s requirements,7-10days for pre-production samples, Well-trained& experienced workers more than 3 years, promise stable quality with 100% inspection, Please choose us, Can give you the opportunity to build cooperation.
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As a newest and latest selling White Cardboard Pizza Box manufacturers and suppliers in China, Hontai Package has perfect quality control system, strict quality control system and advanced quality testing instruments and equipment. You can rest assured to buy fancy White Cardboard Pizza Box at cheap price from us. We also provide customized service, free sample and discounts.