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Rectangle Translucent Cake Box

Rectangle Translucent Cake Box

Hontai Package® is a large-scale Rectangle Translucent Cake Box manufacturer and supplier in China. Hongtai PACKAGING, A PROFESSIONAL printing AND packaging enterprise with 30 years of experience, is located in Hebei industrial concentration area, 8000 square meters of factory clean now. The production line is advanced and efficient, and the team of 140 people is vigorous. The main products of the company are cake boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags, gift boxes and so on. The factory has excellent printing technology and well-trained and experienced workers.

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Hontai Package is a China newest and fancy rectangle-cake-tray-with-lid manufacturers and suppliers. You can rest assured to buy latest selling rectangle-cake-tray-with-lid from our factory at cheap or low price. Do you offer free samples and customized services? Yes. We also provide discounts. Let us cooperate with each other to create a better future and mutual benefit.