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Cake box customization should pay attention to what?


Packaging box customization has become a big trend in the packaging industry, and the pursuit of more beautiful and personalized cake packaging has already joined the customization circle, customized cake packaging box requirements are very high, then how to make a satisfactory box? There are these points to pay attention to: First, cake packaging box customization process: 

1, design structure 
2, select materials 
3, design box type 
4, design appearance 
5, arrange production 

6, delivery and delivery

Second, what should we pay attention to in the process of packaging box customization?

1, the design of the structure needs to take into account the weight of the cake, the size of the cake, this in the selection of materials also need to pay special attention to the use of suitable structure and materials. The main thing to consider is whether the material and structure are strong enough to hold the weight of the cake. 

2. When designing the box type, we should also consider that it does not occupy the volume and space, because cake shops are generally in the downtown area, and the space is particularly small. If the design of the cake packing box takes up too much space, there is no place to store the cake packing box. In addition to the above, we should pay special attention to the selection of cake packaging box material. Food-grade paper can be used as cake packaging box. If the paper is particularly poor, it may volatiliate toxic substances, affecting the quality of the cake.