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What's the size of an 8-inch clear cake box?


When I see the title of 8-inch cake box, how big is the 8-inch cake box? I believe that many people do not know the conversion problem of size, especially the young people in the 1980s and 1990s have forgotten the knowledge of this aspect, but when I was a child, I would hear adults will say the size problem, and will take the tape measure. 

An 8-inch cake box. What's the size of an 8-inch cake box? Eight inches equals 20.32 centimeters. How do we convert that? 
One inch = 2.54 cm. Then the size of the eight - or eight-inch cake box equals: 2.54*8=20.32 cm
The size of the 8-inch cake box is 20.32cm long and 20.32cm wide, which is the size of an A4 piece of paper. 
So the question is, how big is an 8-inch cake box and how many people can eat it? 
If the cake box of 8 inches is loaded with one layer of cake, the height is 15 centimeters, such as loaded with two layers of cake, the height is 22 centimeters. 
Usually, 8 "8" cake boxes weigh 1 pound, how much does a 1 pound cake weigh.
1 pound (lb)=0.4535924 kg (kg), that is, 0.9072 kg, usually we eat three or two pieces of cake per person, 1 pound cake is suitable for 3-4 people to eat.