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Basic Knowledge of Cake Box Packaging Design


Now it seems that the better the packaging design, the more we want it, because the imagination brought by vision is incomparable. To put it simply, let's take the packaging design of cake food packaging box as an example. A good cake box packaging design can attract many people's attention. But packaging design is not only about appearance, but also about thinking, which is helpful to marketing.

1、 Craft

There are many process choices for cake box packaging design, such as:
1. Bronzing process is the first method applied to metal glass bronzing and printing products. Under the light, there is a golden glow, and there are many colors.
2. The silver stamping process is the same as the gold stamping process.
3. Concavo convex technology is mainly to make patterns and processes into concavo convex metal plates, giving people relief like graphics, which look uneven and visually higher.
4. The application of bright film is mainly used on the surface of a layer of film to play the role of waterproof and anti fading. It is very shiny when exposed to the sun.

2、 Material

Generally, industrial cardboard is used for more exquisite gift boxes. It looks high-grade and has high hardness. The surface is smooth, flat and the edge is firm. Relatively speaking, cake box packaging design generally uses this material. We must pay attention to environmental protection and health. We must not have some irritating smell because it looks upscale. We must also consider its firmness.

3、 Packaging style

Therefore, if we want to carry out cake box packaging design, we must know the above common sense. We all know that packaging design is actually an art, which not only meets people's psychological needs for exquisite life, but also meets the development of the design community. Therefore, it should be constantly improved. For more information, please visit our website http://www.sdynbz.com Consult and understand!