Pizza box commonly used materials


Pizza boxes are cardboard boxes used to package and carry pizza. It is usually made of corrugated cardboard, which is light, strong and environmentally friendly. Pizza boxes are an important accessory product for pizzerias or takeaway services, used to protect pizza, keep its temperature and freshness, so that customers can conveniently carry or deliver food.

Corrugated cardboard: Corrugated cardboard is a composite cardboard composed of corrugated paper sandwiched between two layers of flat paper inside and outside. Corrugated paper provides strong support and resistance to compression, while flat paper adds flatness and appearance to the board. Corrugated cardboard usually comes in different corrugation types such as A tile, B tile, C tile or E tile for pizza boxes of different sizes and weights.

Cardboard thickness: The cardboard thickness of the pizza box is selected according to the required strength and stability, usually between 2mm and 5mm.

High-strength adhesive: In order to ensure a strong bond between corrugated board layers, environmentally friendly hot-melt adhesives or biodegradable adhesives are usually used. These adhesives not only provide good bonding properties, but are also environmentally friendly to avoid negative impacts on the environment.

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Water-based printing inks: Printing inks usually use environmentally friendly water-based inks to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). These inks print vibrant colors and sharp graphics evenly on paperboard with fast drying times.

Eco-friendly coating: To improve the oil and moisture resistance of the pizza box, an eco-friendly coating may be applied to the inside or outside of the cardboard. This coating usually uses an environmentally friendly film or coating to reduce the impact on the environment.

PVC-free windows: For pizza boxes with windows, PVC-free clear plastic windows are often used to ensure that no toxic fumes are released or food contamination occurs.

Support structure: Some pizza boxes may have support structures added, such as cardboard slots, trivets, or trays, to keep the pizza stable and prevent it from slipping or deforming in transit.

Print Design: In addition to logos and contact information, some pizzerias may add fun graphics, promotions, or playful quotes to the boxes to engage customers and increase brand recognition.

Carton Disposal Labels: To remind customers to recycle cartons properly, eco-labels or recycling instructions may be placed on the boxes.

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Line seams: Boxes are often assembled using line seams, rather than glue, to ensure that no harmful chemicals are released during use.

Modern pizza boxes are being designed and manufactured with an increasing focus on the environment, sustainability and customer experience. Material selection, printing technology, coating treatment, etc. are constantly innovating to meet the requirements of environmental protection and ensure that the pizza remains delicious and intact when it is delivered to customers.