Materials for making fried chicken packaging boxes


The materials for making fried chicken packaging boxes can be selected according to different needs and environmental awareness. The following are some common fried chicken packaging materials:

1. Cardboard: Cardboard is one of the commonly used materials for making fried chicken packaging boxes. It is strong and durable enough to bear the weight of fried chicken and maintain its shape. Cardboard can choose different thickness and quality according to needs, to suit different types of fried chicken.

2. Folding boxboard: This material is similar to cardboard, but is usually supplied in larger sizes and requires folding and gluing during fabrication. Folding boxboard has advantages in mass production and custom design.

3. Paper coating: Fried chicken packaging boxes usually need to have the ability to resist grease, so the inside is usually coated with a layer of grease-proof paper to prevent the packaging from being penetrated by oil stains.

4. Degradable or recyclable plastics: In order to improve environmental protection, some fried chicken brands may choose to use degradable bioplastics or recyclable plastic materials. These materials can be degraded or recycled after use, reducing the impact on the environment.

fried chicken packaging box

5. Paper and cellulose materials: Some eco-friendly brands may use paper, bamboo fiber or other natural cellulose materials to make fried chicken packaging boxes to improve sustainability.

6. Metal foil: In some high-end or special custom cases, metal foil may be used on the surface of the box to add texture and visual appeal to the package.

7. Food-grade coating: The inner coating can ensure that the flavor and quality of the food will not be affected when the fried chicken packaging box is in contact with food.

8. Printing ink: The ink used to print the packaging box should be food grade to ensure safety.

Different regions and regulations may have specific regulations and restrictions on packaging materials, especially those involving food contact. When choosing the material for fried chicken packaging box, you should ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards, while also taking into account factors such as brand image, user experience, and environmental awareness.