Application of kraft paper bags in food industry


Common applications of kraft paper bags in the food industry:

Food packaging: Kraft paper bags can be used to package various types of food, including bread, pastry, biscuits, chocolate, candy and puffed food. Its texture and structure help preserve food freshness, and the kraft paper itself is breathable, helping to prevent excess moisture from developing inside the package.

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Coffee Bean and Tea Packaging: Kraft paper bags are especially useful in coffee bean and tea packaging. Coffee beans need to be kept fresh to preserve their aroma and taste, and the brown paper bag can provide some protection from oxygen and light. Tea leaves also benefit from the protective properties of kraft paper, helping to prevent moisture and outside elements from affecting the quality of the tea.

Fast food takeaway bags: For the fast food industry, kraft paper bags can be used to package takeaway food, such as burgers, fried chicken, French fries, etc. These bags keep food warm and crisp while reducing reliance on plastic packaging.


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Grocery Bags: Groceries like rice, flour, sugar can be safely stored in kraft paper bags. Due to the strength and durability of kraft papers, they are resistant to external influences, ensuring that food remains dry and pest-free during transport and storage.

Pastry and confectionery packaging: For pastry and confectionery manufacturers, kraft paper bags can provide an attractive packaging solution, highlighting the characteristics of food products and conveying brand values. At the same time, the environmental protection of kraft paper bags is in line with the concept of organic pastries and candies.

Organic food packaging: For businesses selling organic food, kraft paper bags are an ideal packaging choice. This sustainable material aligns with the values of organic products while sending a message of environmental protection and health to consumers.

Snack Packaging: Small packages of snacks, such as chips, nuts, and snacks, can use brown paper bags to provide more attractive packaging while maintaining the freshness and quality of the food.

Restaurant Takeout Bags: Restaurants can choose to pack takeaway food in kraft paper bags to meet the demand for environmentally friendly packaging. This can improve consumers' favorability towards restaurants, as they feel the company's awareness of sustainable operations.